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What if we told you that YOUR kindness is helping us cure blindness?

Imagine not being able to see the light of day or the incredible people that Allah has placed in your life. Every day, you’re having to live in complete darkness.
4 out of 5 people in impoverished communities around the world are blind and don’t need to be. Together, we’re changing that. Help us bring the gift of sight to people who have been living in the dark for far too long.

Your support is a beautiful SadaqahJariyah that will help them see again.

Alhamdulillah, because of you, as of the beginning of 2022, we’ve:

✔ Completed 2,000+ eye screenings
✔ Setup 10+ eye outreach camps
✔ Provided 1,500+ glasses to vulnerable people
✔ Performed 660+ eye cataract surgeries

MATW International is working in multiple regions to provide access to quality healthcare that supports affordable eye health.
We’ve set up eye care outreach camps to provide treatments that make it easier for the poor, vulnerable, and elderly to see and live with dignity. They allow children the opportunity to continue growing and learning through sight – a gift we often take for granted. They allow parents to continue to care for their families, giving them the ability to work and be present in the home.

How exactly do we do this at our eye outreach camps?

At our camps, we screen patients for eye diseases like cataract and trachoma –treatable and preventable diseases that can lead to blindness. We don’t stop there. We also provide glasses and treat patients for any other issues they may have with their eye health and actively seek to provide solutions that prevent visual impairments
In the short time that we’ve been running Project Noor, our legacy project that’s an everlasting sadaqah, our donors have helped us screen thousands of patients and perform hundreds of surgeries.
This year, we’re looking to reach more people. Our aim is to open an additional 10 eye outreach camps that will help us double our impact.
Will YOU  help us?

Donate Now.

Help us give noor to the blind…

If you donate your zakat or sadaqah to our Islamic charity fund, we will ensure the best use of it indeed. Right now, we are working on a project called Project Noor that attempts to give eyesight restoration to helpless and blind people. 

Donate to MATW Project Noor Today

sadaqah jariyah health eye restoration for 1 person

Eye Restoration for 1 Person

Project Noor aims to improve the quality of life for 1 visually impaired individual.

USD 74

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sadaqah jariyah health eye restoration for 10 people

Eye Restoration for 5 People

Project Noor aims to improve the quality of life for 5 visually impaired individuals.

USD 368

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sadaqah jariyah health eye restoration for 5 people

Eye Restoration for 10 People

Project Noor aims to improve the quality of life for 10 visually impaired individuals.

USD 735

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sadaqah jariyah health treatment for cp child

Treatment for CP Child

Donate to help provide prosthetics to disabled Bangladeshis.

USD 206

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sadaqah jariyah health disability support

Disability Support

Funds for general disability support, including prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs.

USD 272

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sadaqah jariyah health emergency medical aid

Emergency Medical Aid

Funds for emergency medical aid, including operations, accidents and the treatment of rare conditions.

USD 74

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