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Give Zakat through MATW.

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam that every eligible Muslim must follow accordingly. Zakat donation means a fair distribution of wealth between rich and poor in a society. MATW receives your zakat to its fund and delivers it to the neutral recipients on your behalf. Zakat eases the sufferings of the needy and ensures fair wealth distribution indeed. Send your zakat al maal and zakat al fitr online to MATW Muslim charity.

Calculate and give your Zakat today.


What is Zakat?

Zakat means a transparent and fair distribution of wealth between the potential givers & recipients. It happens only when a Muslim has nisab amount of wealth in a lunar year. Nisab’s amount of wealth means 2.5% of equivalent assets or you can say 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver. This amount of materials or cash must be available in your stock for a year.

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Upcoming Expenses

Zakat Amount  
Nisab calculated from 87.45 grams of gold in monetary value ($4,846)

Who are the Recipients?

  • The Poor
  • Needy
  • Heart patient who is unable to carry out medical expenses
  • Enslaved / Captive
  • Those who are in debt
  • Stuck travellers  
  • Those who are in the path of Allah


Ali Banat; the founder of MATW dreamt of proper zakat distribution for the welfare of the Muslim community. MATW project intends to ensure a zakat receiving ceremony for the needy. It might be difficult for you to find a true receiver of zakat and distribute the share for him/her. Moreover, another difficulty you may face is to calculate zakat precisely. MATW does this favor as well through experts. Donate your zakat to our Muslim charity fund and help countless children, women, and vulnerable families. 

Zakat FAQ’s

  •         The poor
  •         The absolute needy
  •         Zakat administrators
  •         Heart patient
  •         Those who are in the path of Allah
  •    Travellers who need help

MATW distributes your zakat al maal according to the necessity of several villages or areas.

We have spent our recent fund towards

Togo village:

  •         Orphan constructions
  •         Residential areas build up
  •         School maintenance
  •         Orphan facilities
  •         Feed the needy

In Africa:

  •         General donations for food, water, and basic essentials

You can pay it anytime in a year but many prefer to do it in Ramadan month.

As a Muslim, if you have the nisab amount of wealth, you must pay the 2.5% of it to the needy. This is the law of Islam.

MATW works hard to ensure that you find the right recipients for giving zakat. Donate zakat to the fair person who really needs it through MATW team.

  •         Jewelry & Expensive Metals (Gold and Silver)
  •         Cash in Bank
  •         Cattle and Crops
  •  Secondary Home Assets

Did you know?

MATW gives most of its zakat  to orphans and widows.

Orphans held a special place in Ali Banat’s heart as he did not have children of his own.


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