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MATW Zakat Calculator

Use Our Calculator Below To Find Out What You Need To Give In Zakat.

MATW eases your zakat calculation and donation process by giving you a quick result. Calculate zakat today by sharing your assets information with our team. We care about your time and work. We care about your religious responsibilities as well. Therefore, we serve our donors with a zakat calculator. Allah SWT strictly says that every Muslim must give zakat on the basis of the exact quantity they are meant to be. 

Save your time and avoid mistakes by considering our zakat calculator option.

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Zakat Amount  
Nisab calculated from 87.45 grams of gold in monetary value ($4,846)

When Zakat is Obligatory?

Are you a Muslim? Have you reached a mature age? Do you have the required amount of wealth for giving zakat? If all the answers are yes, zakat is obligatory for you.

Now the first question appears; what is the nisab amount of wealth? This is what requires a zakat calculator. Gold, silver, and other assets are calculated to ensure whether you have nisab amount of wealth or not. 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver is the nisab for current times. If you have equal or more wealth except gold and silver in one lunar year, zakat is also obligatory for you.

If you are eligible to pay zakat, you cannot escape it by any means. Therefore, contact us and know the exact amount of zakat in a moment. 


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