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Help our African brothers and sisters
live happy & fulfilled lives

As of now, Togo is afflicted with extreme poverty and desperately
needs our support.

Not only are people suffering from poor sanitation, inadequate sustenance, and medical aid, but children are also being deprived of their right to basic education due to extreme poverty, cursing them for an unprosperous future.

MATW is on the ground working to help tackle these issues head-on. We have been carrying out several initiatives and activities centered around the local community, and have been successful in offering the assistance required for them to break the poverty cycle. MATW has been supporting through the provision of medical aid, food, and low-cost education and the construction of schools and masjids for prayer.

We need your help to keep serving this African community. Through your generous contributions, we can keep providing aid to countless destitute orphans, widows, and villagers struggling with poverty in the most remote parts of Africa. Join us in aiding the expansion of our ongoing projects to help uplift the people of Togo.


In 2022, 460+ million Africans lived below the extreme poverty line

Could you live on under $2 a day?

Extreme poverty is not only plaguing the living conditions of the African community, it’s also keeping children from receiving the education they deserve. With impoverished parents unable to afford to school, children end up staying back to care for sick family members.

MATW is working to break this community out of the shackles of poverty.
We have provided students in Togo, West Africa, with a vertical classroom to facilitate their learning and have introduced a Hifz program to take care of their Islamic studies. Since 2016, we have helped over 3,000 students graduate.

One of our greatest achievements is the construction of a 400-square metre masjid in Togo, which accommodates 1,000 people, serving as a place of worship and an ablution centre.

Caring for orphans is a top priority, which is why we’re proud to have completed the construction of 53 state-of-the-art orphanages to provide shelter. In terms of medical support, MATW has provided a pharmacy and clinic with 15 beds to medically assist villagers back to health.

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In 2016, our founder Ali Banat set out to create a better world for those in need, starting with Togo. Since then, MATW has been on-ground and making an impact by caring for orphans, widows and villagers living in extreme poverty.

Through our projects, we have been able to provide them with access to medical care, education, masjids, and the vital support they need to live happier and more fulfilled lives. Thanks to your generous donations, we are actively building the foundations of a better tomorrow.

Together, we can transform the lives of those who need us most and build a brighter tomorrow, starting with Togo.


Orphanage Building Construction, Education Support, Teacher Sponsorship, Classroom Building, Medical Facility, Masjid Construction, Hifz Suport

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