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Sheep & cow sacrifice


Sheep & Cow Sacrifice, MATW Project

Sacrifice is one of the significant terms in Islam and it brings several benefits for the helpless too. Sheep and cow sacrifices are taken place on special occasions is Islam. The main purpose of sacrifice is to show takwya to Allah SWT and ask for blessings. MATW wants to deliver cow and sheep meat to vulnerable people who cannot buy it often. Sacrifice happens for Aqeeqah, Qurbani, and Walimah mainly. In terms of Aqeeqah, two sheep are mandatory for a boy and one sheep for a girl. Walimah is for newlyweds couples and it means to make people happy by arranging meals for them. However, the donation of a sheep or cow will be a significant aid to helpless people. 

A lot of people cannot afford to eat cow meat due to price hikes nowadays. MATW attempts to feed them fresh meat through your donation for sacrifice. We seek sacrifice donations from our respectable USA donors to help their fellow Muslim brothers. Many Muslims wish to have meat in a meal but are unable to get that due to their poverty. We will not let them be deprived of such small desires and feed them meat with your endless support. 


Donate a sheep or cow to earn the blessings of Allah SWT

MATW promises to feed orphans and helpless people. Donate your zakat to the deprived Muslim communities through MATW charity. Sheep sacrifice is one of the most successful events till now and we are still ongoing.


Aqeeqah Sacrifice

$75 will be enough for an Aqeeqah for a newborn. You can see the event on your mobile screen and a video will be sent to you during the dua. Generally, Sacrifices are concluded within 7 to 12 days.


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Donation for Walimah

Donate $75 for an Islamic wedding and help a couple start their new life together and for Allah. We will send a video of the program, from the start to the beginning of the sacrifice.


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Donation for Nidr

$75 will let us donate a sheep for the blessings of Allah SWT as a vow. Donate to MATW charity now.


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Sadaqah Sheep Sacrifice

Sadaqah Sheep Sacrifice

$75 will be perfect to sacrifice a sheep for sadaqah and MATW team will distribute it to the impoverished people quickly.


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Goat Sacrifice Bangladesh

With your $150 donation, we can give a goat sacrifice in north Bangladesh and make a lot of people happy for a moment.


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Cow Sacrifice for Islamic donation

Donate $450 for cow sacrifice and be a giver to Islamic donation. No doubt that Allah will reward you in some other ways for your worthwhile charity.


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Aqeeqah Sheep Sacrifice $75, Walimah Sheep Sacrifice $75, Nidr Sheep Sacrifice $75, Sadaqah Sheep Sacrifice $75, Bangladesh Goat Sacrifice $150, Cow Sacrifice $340

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