Orphan Banquet


A special way to earn blessings.

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted many of our special occasions.  Weddings and nikkahs canceled or downsized.  Engagements postponed.  Graduation ceremonies suspended indefinitely.  It’s hard to feel hopeful about the world right now.

But when a couple in lockdown, Sarah and Ahmed, contacted us about donating their Nikkah ceremony to an Orphan banquet- we knew there was still so much goodness and compassion in the world.

With MATW by your side, you can now donate an entire Orphan banquet to mark your special occasion.  If you are unable to hold a large event, you can choose to celebrate it with our orphans, who will receive a delicious protein-rich meal, drinks and sweets.  The special banquetwill end with a special dua made by the children as well as media for you to keep.  The meals will also be shared with our widows, support staff and community members!

Think of the blessings this will bring to everyone.  And what a special way to mark an important moment in one’s life!



Banquet for 25 Orphans, Banquet for 50 Orphans, Banquet for 100 Orphans, Banquet for 150 Orphans

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