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MATW & Income Generation

Support MATW through donations to improve the Income Generation projects in many villages and remote areas. This project intends to secure income for widows, autistic, and under-qualified people. Poultry Farm, Agriculture, construction, bakery, and many more can help a family to live independently. Among a variety of MATW projects, we want you to support vulnerable families for their permanent income sources. Donate online from your zakat and sadaqah to our charity fund.

We have multiple options regarding donation where you can donate from $50 for a bakery, agriculture, or poultry farm. We have sewing college programs for widows and sisters for essential training. It will help them understand the work and management. We are seeking help from the United States to develop MATW income generation plans globally.  


MATW Income Generation Projects


Poultry Farm

Our poultry farm helps a lot for meal preparations and selling the remaining in the market. It produces fresh eggs and meat that fulfills the demand of our orphans and generates income through selling. Donate online to make it happen.  

Matw project USA Constructions


Donate to MATW for letting us provide salary for our construction workers. We have several building projects running in orphanages, colleges, universities, and others. Your donation will support us in income generation indeed.



Your donation for the agriculture projects will help us produce fresh fruits and vegetables for meal consumption. They will also be used for selling in the local markets for income generation. Agriculture is one of the safest ways of income sources for many people.

income generation bakery


MATW bakery produces around 3000 loaves of bread every day. Through this amount of bakery items, we to support our locals. If you donate to our bakery, we can increase the production for more facilities. Donate online to make it possible.


Sewing College

We have a sewing college for training and managing the unskilled. Our training center is a great place for necessary skill development. A lot of widows and sisters are benefitted from our sewing colleges. We are expecting donations to keep up the good work.  



We need to make sure that all of our staff members have wages consistently and secure their futures. Giving them a salary at the right time will help them work more seriously. Help us in this mission and let us continue the good work unstoppably.

Check out our Income Generation projects in action

income generation bakery

Did you know?

MATW currently bakes over 3000 loaves of bread daily!

At the heart of MATW’s mission and work is to help families generate their own livelihoods and secure their own futures.

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