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Water Wells


MATW & Water
Give entire villages access to fresh, clean water that will save lives.

Millions of poverty-stricken people in Africa don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Villagers often have to walk around 6 kilometres carrying heavy buckets in extreme conditions in search of water.  Most of these villagers are women and children.

Through our water wells project, MATW has built over 950 wells in different villages.  Hundreds line up daily to benefit from free clean water for cooking, washing and other necessities.

Help provide an ongoing benefit to entire villages by sponsoring a standard water well starting at $1000AUD.  We will send you construction updates and once your well is complete, you will get photos and a portfolio as well as a customised plaque!


What You will receive in return:

  •    Construction updates & Water Well Report (via email) including photo of your Water Well, Location & No. of beneficiaries.
  •      Blessings in your life, wealth and home.
  •      A Legacy (Sadaqa Jariya) that will continue to benefit you forever and make an impact.


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Africa Basic Water Well


Donate a basic manual hand pulling water well that lasts between 12-21 years and provides for 250-300 people.

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Africa Deep Tube Water Well


Build a large hand pump water well that provides running water by simply pulling a lever. This well lasts between 30-40 years and provides for 1000+ people.

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Africa Solar Powered Water Tank


This water well is a solar powered water well with a fitted above ground tank. Beneficiaries simply turn on a tap for fresh running water. This well lasts in excess of 50+ years and provides for an entire village or town.

Did you know?

MATW has built 950+ Water Wells!

Every dollar you donate to our projects is so meaningful and is used in full to help provide a sustainable future for entire villages for generations to come.

Options for Water Wells

Africa Basic Water Well, Africa Deep Tube Water Well, Africa Solar Powered Water Tank, Basic Bangladesh Water Well, Deep tube water well in North Bangladesh, Bangladesh Water Well, General Water Well

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