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Syria Crisis, 11 Years too long.

After 11 years of a long war, the Syria crisis has now become too unbearable for the people. MATW focuses on Muslim charities and donations from USA to recover from the calamity there. The children and women have already paid the price due to such a long disaster. We seek your help to deliver food aid, water help, and emergency relief to help Syria. MATW has multiple projects on the priority list to first support the most vulnerable families. Feel free to send your zakat and donate to Syria for the welfare of deprived Muslims. 

$290will be enough for us to feed 5 families for a month or in short deliver 5 larger food packages. 
$100will let us provide 20,000L of safe water
$55 will deliver a food pack for one family indeed. 
$10will ensure baby milk for a newborn

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Crisis in Syria, Donate to Syria through MATW

Donate to Syria through MATW USA and help us deliver water help, food aid, and healthcare facilities there. We need your support to save the 6 million children living in complete disorder. Wealthy Muslim communities should come forward and remove the worst humanitarian crisis. Your sadaqah jariya may help a low-income family live peacefully with basic human rights. Since there are massive shortages of basic elements of living, we need valuable aid from the USA donators to exclude the crisis in Syria. 

OUR Response to the Poverty and Disaster  

  • Removing food Insecurity by delivering basic aid and nutrition for a month
  • Ensuring safe and clean water help the mostly needful areas 
  • Providing sanitation and hygiene kits to stop the spread of diseases.  
  • Supporting many vulnerable families psychologically with our guidance

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Syria Crisis | Be a Part of Our Muslim Charity

We are feeling outrageous to mention that millions of people are directly facing this worst food crisis. Donate your Zakat to our Muslim charity fund to let us send the core elements indeed. Give sadaqah jariya by letting us build a water well for poor Muslims. 

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Large Family Food Pack

MATW will send food relief for a month with a $55 donation of yours. This package includes rice, sugar, salt, tea, cheese, noodles, pasta, vegetable, oil, dates, and several necessary items.


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Essential Kitchen Utensils

A $55 donation from you provides kitchen gear for a family. The pack includes 6 plates, 6 bowls, sufficient spoons, and glasses.


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Large Hygiene Pack

We believe that sanitation is a mandatory term in such war-affected areas. We have selected the $35 as a donation form to ensure a sufficient hygiene kit for a family. Generally, it includes soap, shaving cream, blades, washing liquid, floor detergent, paper towels, shampoo, and chloric solution.


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10,000L of Clean Water Help

A $50 donation will provide 10,000L of clean water to the hands of poor Muslims. We will select the emergency areas with the help of our inspection report.


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Baby Milk (1 Week Supply)

Donate $10 to provide baby milk powder for newborns. This will be enough for 1 week's survival.


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Refurbish Homes Syria

Help renovate homes that have been devastated by war and conflict. Our team on the ground will focus on the following: General Renovation, Plumbing, standing, Painting, Carpentry (doors & Windows), electrics and lighting, tailing and furniture.


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Large Family Food Pack $55, Essential Kitchen Utensils $55, Large Hygiene Pack $35, 10,000L Clean Water $50, Syria Baby Milk (1 Week Supply) $10, Refurbish Homes Syria $190

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