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Lebanon Crisis, Support Humanity through MATW Project

The Muslim crisis in Lebanon has become catastrophic due to a lack of donations and emergency relief. MATW will remove its food inflation and water crisis with your aid of Lebanon’s donation. Food insecurity is one of the largest problems in Lebanon that people are fighting every day. The refugee crisis is another term of concern that depends on humanitarian aid too. Without your support, we can’t do a lot for them. Let’s ensure a handsome amount of donations from the USA and help the victims come out of poverty.
MATW aims to provide emergency food relief, water wells, healthcare support, orphan sponsorship, and many more necessary precautions for distressed families in Lebanon. Your Sadaqah can help us a lot to provide water well, orphan charity, and many other good deeds for them. We value each & every amount regarding donation since helping 1 vulnerable family means a lot to MATW. We believe that together we can sort out every little problem of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and their sorrows will be gone forever.
Donate now to help Lebanon in terms of humanitarian support.


Crisis in Lebanon | Donate to an Islamic charity


The present crisis in Lebanon is a bigger threat to humanity and that’s how it growing every day. MATW is trying to change millions of lives with a donation as a form of Muslim zakat or sadaqah from the United States. So many vulnerable families are struggling to survive the stage with their maximum effort. MATW wants to help them with our maximum effort as well. With your aid, we can provide food, water help, medical facilities, and education to the children in Lebanon. 

More than one-third of the Lebanon population lives below the poverty line and the UN report says it very clearly. MATW is working in the field to observe their helplessness and act on the basis of necessity. Families are being shattered due to food insecurity and living costs. So many children remain hungry at night but the parents can do nothing but watch. Moreover, a large number of children have no parents either and they spend their life as miserable orphans. All we want from you is to donate to our Muslim charity fund and give a wonderful sadaqah for the sake of poor Muslims indeed.  

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MATW Lebanon Projects

We care for people’s disasters and Lebanon is nothing different from an alarming humanitarian crisis. The following statement will show you about a particular donation amount.

Deliver fresh bread to hungry families

Donate $57 and let us provide 250 packets of fresh bread to vulnerable families.


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Clean Water Deliver 1000L

$38 will let us deliver 1000L of clean water to the crisis areas.


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Lebanon Food Pack

Donate $45 for 5 standard family food packs to provide.


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Where it’s most needed

Donate winter clothing packs for $65 or bedding packs for $100 to vulnerable people through MATW. We care about each and every effort when you have made up your mind about the donations.


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Did you know?

MATW has given over 10,000 food packs in Lebanon.

Lebanon held a very special spot in Ali Banat’s heart as it is where his mother came from.


Lebanon Food Pack $45, Deliver fresh bread to hungry families $57, Where it's needed most $38, Deliver 1000L Clean Water $38

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