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MATW & Community Development

At the heart of our work is to build environments that boost the quality of life for locals.  From play areas to Masajid, our community development programmes aim to put a smile on the faces of the beneficiaries and to bring them peace through faith.

Make a difference to a family’s life, by donating towards one of our community programmes.

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MATW Community Development Projects


Help us restore the homes of widows, orphans and the elderly.


We regularly hold community events in our Masajid including islamic weddings, quran lessons and even dawah!


The cemetery was one of the first projects Ali Banat built and to this day it provides locals with Islamic burial services.

Play/Common Areas

Part of our community development is ensuring our Orphans have spaces to enjoy and flourish, boosting their quality of life.

Check out our Community Development in action


Did you know?

MATW currently has 3 full time centres!


Community Development

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