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More than 1,000 killed and more than 1,500 injured in deadly earthquake.

A 5.9  magnitude earthquake has rocked Afghanistan to its core, killing more than 1,000 people with the death toll likely to rise in the coming days. Homes have been completely destroyed, families have been torn apart and lives have been shattered.

The Muslims Around The World Team is responding but we can’t do it alone. Help us reach those impacted.

$35 will deliver a large family food pack
$70  will provide 10,000L of clean and safe drinking water
$15  will deliver a hygiene kit containing sanitary essentials
$35  will deliver a kitchen utensils kit containing necessary everyday tools

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We’re responding by delivering emergency essentials such as:Donate Now

The people of Afghanistan are already suffering the consequences of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in addition to renewed violence. An earthquake is further adds to their hardship.

OUR RESPONSE For Afghanistan Crisis

Our teams are heading into Afghanistan.

We’ll be sending urgent aid to affected families who’ve lost everything. Food, clean water, sanitation supplies, hygiene kits and more will be delivered by our teams on YOUR behalf.

Not only are we responding to the earthquake, we’re also on the ground in Pakistan working hard to reach families who have fled Afghanistan delivering large food packs, clean water tankers, hygiene packs and utensil packs so families can live with dignity in their situation.

We urgently need your help reaching as many families as we can.

Donate Now and help us save lives today.

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Any Amount Earthquake, Afghanistan Large Family Food Pack $35, Essential Kitchen Utensils $35, Hygiene Pack $15, 5000L Clean Water $35, 10000L Clean Water $70, 15000L Clean Water $105, General Aid $

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