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Build a mosque or support Dawah.

MATW Islamic Projects are aimed at providing poverty-stricken communities with a secure and clean place to pray and connect as a community. These centres are built in both remote and city locations throughout West Africa, providing communities with a safe space to worship Allah SWT in peace and comfort. These centres also serve as a source of bonding and learning for many newly reverted Muslims and provide the community with educational opportunities where children and adults can learn to read and recite the Quran.

These Centres host the weekly Jumua prayers on Fridays, Eid prayers, daily prayers and Iftar/Ramadan prayers.  They can comfortably accommodate between 250-500 people at any given time!

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MATW Islamic Projects- build a mosque

MATW runs several Islamic projects around the world and the success rate is increasing gradually. This time, we have set our mind to collect donations from the United States and build a mosque in the needful areas. Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and several countries of Africa are in a crisis of prayers home due to war and conflict. 

Give what you can to help build Masjids where needed

Help construct a main masjid block for 80-90 people and a small masjid for a community, each with a praying area of 100 sqm.

Be a part of creating a sacred space for the community, by supporting the construction of a main masjid block and medium masjid, each with a spacious praying area of 150 sqm.

Your donation can bring a new sacred space to life for a large community, by helping to construct a main masjid block and a grand mosque, with a spacious praying area of 250 sqm.

A clean and comfortable prayer mat is essential for our Muslim brothers and sisters in West Africa to perform their daily prayers

Your support can provide basic wudu facilities and a water well.

A proper area to perform ablution with clean water

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