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  • all about ramadan charity you can do in this year for the helpless

    All About Ramadan Charity: Plan to Serve The Helpless With MATW USA

      Among the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan is the fourth one. This is considered the most sacred month in Islam because Allah (SWT) revealed the Holy Quran and has made Ramadan Charity mandatory. During this Holy month, a strict practice of fasting from dawn to dusk is done by Muslims, to increase Allah (SWT)’s- …

  • ramadan 2023 calendar usa a comprehensive guide

    Ramadan 2023 Calendar MATW USA: A Comprehensive Guide For You

      “Ramadan calendar shining so bright, Guiding us through the holy month of light.” This precious month of Ramadan is the best time for reflection, celebration, and contemplation. To help you prepare for a devoted month of Ramadan, we want to assist you in scheduling your best Ramadan planning.  Moreover, we are providing a possible …

  • how to prepare for ramadan in usa step by step guide

    How To Prepare For Ramadan In The MATW USA: Step-By-Step Guide

         “Let’s repair your iman,  During this Ramadan” Before preparing, we should know how to prepare for Ramadan in MATW USA. Again, we have to know about the pillars of Islam too. Islam has five pillars: the Muslim declaration of faith, daily prayer, charity, performing the hajj in Mecca, and fasting during Ramadan. Fasting …

  • ramadan donation ideas in usa 10 ways to help those in need

    Ramadan Donation Ideas in MATW USA: 10 Ways To Help Those in Need

      “Donations in Ramadan,  are like an investment in paradise.” Ramadan is the month of blessing. During this time, Muslims are going to be more spiritual. It is the month of kindness, forgiveness, and mercy. Besides, this month is also the right time to forgive our sins from Allah (SWT). Muslims view Ramadan Donations positively. …

  • ramadan goals in usa a comprehensive guide

    Ramadan Goals In MATW USA: A Comprehensive Guide To Achieve Your Goal

        “Ramadan goal, not just a goal this is the chance to purify your soul.”   Significant Goal Of Ramadan First of all, the Muslim blessing month is Ramadan. The goal of Ramadan involves  the religious mind build-up and purification through self-control, self-reflection, and self-discipline. This fast, stay away from good food and drinks …

  • unique ramadan gift ideas 10 meaningful gifts for your loved ones

    Unique Ramadan Gift Ideas In MATW USA: 10 Meaningful Gifts Ideas

      “Ramadan is not only about fasting,  but also sharing and spreading love through gift and kindness.”   Ramadan is the month of blessing. It is also time to give and share. This is the month of happiness too. Giving gifts is not mandatory during Ramadan but is a lovely way to build relationships, friendships, …

  • G52B0001 1 scaled

    Kindness in Islam and in Kindness in 2021

    In Islam, Kindness is a big deal. Kindness is mentioned many times in the holy Quran, and it’s rare to read about the Prophet Muhammad PBUH without seeing his kindness pouring off the page… Kindness is mentioned towards parents even when they attain old age and become a liability for a person. “Your Lord has …

  • WhatsApp Image 2020 02 21 at 8.23.46 PM 1

    Do you want a house in Jannah?

    Assalaamualaikum MATW Family, We all know the importance of a Masjid within our communities, it is indeed at the very heart and center of our society. But what is the value to us on an individual level? The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, like a sparrow’s …

  • MG 7720

    How you have the power to restore sight!

    Assalaamualaikum MATW Family, Did you know that 80% of visual impairments are curable? Alhamdulillah if you are able to read this you have been blessed with sight.  Just think how limited your life would be if you were unable to see?  Blindness is the partial or full loss of sight in your eyes. There are currently over …

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